Tree Frog Night

"A B&B that is beautiful, not cute. You drive off Washington 542 into a cedar forest, leaving behind the speedy jangle of city and highway to be enfolded in a realm of quiet beauty. It's like sitting on the forest floor - but with every comfort. My room at the Tree Frog Inn was not only immaculately clean and well-ordered, but artful and welcoming. Everything in it had clearly been carefully selected and thoughtfully placed. The room felt like an extension of the forest outside its beautiful, large windows. I felt invited to make full use of the amenities of the Inn and very much appreciated the fact that it is maintained with an authentic effort to honor the environment and operate with small footprint--no mysterious chemical cleaning and disinfectant odors and even a compost receptacle. I sipped wine by the creek, slept beautifully, and would happily have stayed much longer if I'd had time. I will definitely return."
Janet, Inn guest

tree frog night

in a silver cedar forest --
a full creek accompanying
a tree frog chorus

My love and I listen...
as spring symphony
dreams flow
and softly sounds
of breathing slow

in our grateful

Written by Amy Cushman, who stayed here with us

Green Sustainability

Photo of Garden Gate Photo of Fountain Chicken Rhodie Tree Chicken Reflection Chicken

At the heart of our Inn is a commitment to sustainability. Tree Frog Night is the first Eco-Inn in Bellingham. We attended to green, ecological principles while building and finishing our Inn, and we continue to be green and eco-friendly in operating our Inn. Here are some examples that describe this commitment:

We invite you to stay with us and enjoy the beauty of our lovingly created Inn in its majestic natural surroundings.

Tree Frog Night Inn, a B&B in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington.