Tree Frog Night

"A B&B that is beautiful, not cute. You drive off Washington 542 into a cedar forest, leaving behind the speedy jangle of city and highway to be enfolded in a realm of quiet beauty. It's like sitting on the forest floor - but with every comfort. My room at the Tree Frog Inn was not only immaculately clean and well-ordered, but artful and welcoming. Everything in it had clearly been carefully selected and thoughtfully placed. The room felt like an extension of the forest outside its beautiful, large windows. I felt invited to make full use of the amenities of the Inn and very much appreciated the fact that it is maintained with an authentic effort to honor the environment and operate with small footprint--no mysterious chemical cleaning and disinfectant odors and even a compost receptacle. I sipped wine by the creek, slept beautifully, and would happily have stayed much longer if I'd had time. I will definitely return."
Janet, Inn guest

tree frog night

in a silver cedar forest --
a full creek accompanying
a tree frog chorus

My love and I listen...
as spring symphony
dreams flow
and softly sounds
of breathing slow

in our grateful

Written by Amy Cushman, who stayed here with us

The Artists

Totem Pole and Logo

Photo of Totem Photo of Totem

Felix Solomon is a Coast Salish carver of Haida and Lummi descent. He’s spent most of his life living on the Lummi reservation and is an enrolled member of the tribe. While his roots are mixed, he’s chosen to focus on studying and carving Coast Salish art, specifically Lummi style carvings. In the past 12 years he's produced a wide variety of carvings, from bentcorner boxes, masks, bowls, rattles, a gaff hook and many more beautiful objects. After restoring the Whatcom Centennial Pole that stands in front of our County Courthouse, Felix’s passion for Lummi style carving was whetted, and he’s devoted himself to studying old Lummi and Coast Salish pieces and understanding how his ancestors produced carvings distinctive from other tribes and regions. Felix and his work were recently selected by the Smithsonian for a film highlighting three Native artists working on environmentally themed art.

Felix strives to and succeeds in carving pieces that embody the power and beauty of work done in the distant past. His work manifests the spirit and voices of his ancestors, his deep connection to the land on which he lives and to his heritage.

Painting (sea wolf canoes and road sign)

Road sign Road sign

Melonie Ancheta of Copper Woman Studio is an unenrolled Blackfeet, Cherokee and Nez Perc descendant. She’s had a life long and profound love of NW Coast Native art which she was finally able to dedicate herself to studying and creating about 13 years ago when her children moved out of her home. Every day now she’s pulled out of bed (sometimes in the middle of the night too) to go to work on a design, paint, study, educate and immerse herself in learning and creating NW Coast Native art. She works in a variety of media, painting and carving, which includes cedar, painted leather regalia and wearable art, drums, copper repousse-work rattles, and does original paintings on paper and other media.

Melonie’s other passion is for educating people about NW Coast history, culture and art. She teaches classes and has several private students. Melonie believes a gift has been shared with her by the ancestors and in turn she must share it with anyone willing to hear. She believes it’s important to keep the knowledge alive and in passing it along.

Currently she’s engaged in writing a new book on NW Coast formline and Coast Salish art as well as being in the depths of 13 years of research into pre-contact paint technology among NW Coast Natives. She’s researching the original pigments and binders, the methods and materials of this subject with the backing of the Seattle Art Museum, the Bill Holm Center for NW Coast Native Research, and a multitude of other institutions and people.

Melonie is happy to discuss the possibility of commissions. Reach her through either of her websites or

Tile Art


Debbie Dickinson grew up in scenic and serene Friday Harbor, Washington. She is a self taught painter and first started working with tiles in 1991. Learning her craft while working in the building trades in Washington, Utah and Alaska, Debbie has gone on to become a full time tile artist and contractor specializing in original handcrafted tile murals and special installations. Her background has developed through her life experiences and broadened through travel in the western United States, Europe and Africa.

Her love of beauty and simplicity in the world of color and design leads to her impeccable eye for the ordinary made extraordinary. Her appreciation of the many hues and shapes that create a whole, is apparent in the striking nature of her art. Reach her via her website

The field tile installation and shower area construction and field tile were done done by Larry Curtis of Kulshan Tile.



Roberto Cortez is a former private chef to some of Hollywood's biggest talent. As a culinary artist, his fondness for the creative has led him to the world of photography and video, and his work has been published internationally. Roberto recently moved from Los Angeles to Bellingham and plans to open an Edible Art Gallery where the world of food, photography, video, design and artistry all coexist in one space. His new photography and videography website is


Established in 1997, Smith & Vallee Woodworks, Inc. designs and builds custom cabinetry and furniture from sustainably harvested and salvaged woods. They provide timeless designs, fine craftsmanship, environmentally friendly products and excellent service. The two owners have always had a background in woodworking. Wesley Smith grew up all over the globe and has been heavily influenced by the woodwork he viewed as a child in the temples and shrines of rural Japan. Andrew Vallee grew up in New Hope, PA, near the home and studios of renowned furniture maker George Nakashima, whose teachings influenced Andrew at a young age. After college, they continued their education with apprenticeships under noted furniture maker Alan Rosen of Lummi Island and began their own business soon after. In 2002, they had a major exhibition at Bellingham's Whatcom Museum of History & Art, called "The Tree Project," that featured their furniture and holistic woodworking process. They have now worked with the Whatcom again, creating permanent interiors for the new Family Interactive Gallery at the Lightcatcher Building out of native alder and cedar. For more information, please visit

Outdoor Wildlife Mural

Photo of Christopher Murphy

Australian born painter Christopher Murphy lives and paints in Bellingham, Washington. Chris is a published illustrator, pen and ink artist, interior colorist, tattooist and painter. Chris has painted for 15 years, mostly abstract oil on glass. He has shown paintings at the Bagelry, Casa Que Pasa, Patrick Daley Gallery, hosts his own “High St. House Artist Cocktail Hour” shows, participated in the 2011 Whatcom Artist Studio Tour, Paper Dreams in Fairhaven, Allied Arts, Honey Salon, Winter Commission, Jinx art space, Blue Horse Gallery and has participated in various fund raising events featuring his artwork. Chris' Facebook page is at

Fabric Design

Lyn Beatty of Lyn’s Draperies ( has been passionate about sewing since childhood. With an extensive background in fabrics as well as dressmaking techniques, she taught sewing for many years. But when her sights turned to décor projects, she saw a need for custom services in Whatcom County. Pursuing her love affair with fabric, product creation, styles and interior design, Lyn opened Lyn's Draperies and began to cultivate a reputation for high quality, custom creations for a variety of customers and settings.

Astronomical Native Photograph Art

Brad Snowder has studied physics, astronomy, math and science education at WWU. He holds the Astronomical League’ certificates for the Herschel 400 (cert. #89) and the Messier (cert. #737) deep sky observing programs.

Brad is an astronomy instructor at WWU, where he manages the planetarium, and at Whatcom Community College. In the past he has also taught astronomy courses for Skagit Valley College and for Northwest Indian College.

Being part Choctaw Indian, Brad has a special interest in preserving American Indian and other cultural star lore. View other examples of Brad’s webwork at

Stencil Design

Artist and designer Jennifer Ryan, owner of Jennifer and Friends Custom Interior Solutions, located in Bellingham WA, offers a full range of interior design services, project management, as well as an in-house workroom. Jennifer is committed to providing clients with projects that reflect and enhance their personality and lifestyle preferences. By carefully listening to clients' needs and wants, Jennifer Ryan is able to customize the space to please each individual customer's personal style. To learn more about Jennifer, visit her website:

Cedar Strip Canoe @ Road Sign

Sue Noel was born and raised in Wisconsin, and after high school attended Milwaukee School of the Arts. She’s developed varied forms of artistic expression throughout her life. Her dad was a hobby woodworker and they did a lot of canoeing and camping as a family. She started building the canoe to bring back all those good memories. The canoe project took a back seat after she began making jewelry about 6 years ago. The jewelry keeps her busy as it is now being sold at a gallery in Ocean Shores and on her little corner of the internet

Wind Art

Lloyd Peterson ( enjoys working in the yard and garden and wanted a hobby for the days after his retirement. Creating and building wind art caught his interest. He works with brass and copper, each design is numbered, dated and signed. He tries to maintain a full inventory of his work and keeps creating new designs. L Petersen Wind Art, Hand Crafted Art in Motion 360-734-8927.


The images on this web site are the fine work of Bellingham photographer, Dan Witter, your Innkeeper Kurt Yandell, and also Roberto Cortez (videographer above). Kurt also took the remarkable forest photos that adorn the Forest Room.

Tree Frog Night Inn, a B&B in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington.